Consider Your World Without Borders by Christina Hiras

Blood orange. Do you understand? Tangy sweetness rests on my tired eyes. The awakening spike of menthol flavored chewing gum contradicts with my poor, longing gaze into the heart of the blood orange horizon. With each clack of my gum I imagine my taste buds reacting the way my thoughts often react when swinging above in playgrounds of clouds. If my mouth could taste just one drop of perfect crystallizing sunset atop a most decadent bed of clouds that these eyes have greedily stuffed in secret hiding nooks around my mind, perhaps my shell of a temple would rest a bit more deeply. And now I am so close: I have imagined, dreamed, foresaw this moment an infinite number of times before and yet I have never thought to consider its taste. How foolish the mortal beast that longs for stability.

Currently, my world is cascading to a grievingly realistic level of understanding. Each step I take furthers my timidness in transit, for I do not want to ignore my world’s inexplicable taste for a moment more. I saw rich colors of sky and land melded together and felt the warm pressure on my flesh like two young star-crossed lovers talking in code and shielded from the harshly sharp remarks of others. I spoke to climates that tormented me into submissing their alluring wrath and fell down on my calf-like knees, humbled and shivering by mightiness so heavenly I was a cradling fetus in the womb of my maker, helpless yet observant, so observant I became. Harness these words with the upmost care and undying devotion: taste the sweetness of your world, but never cease to misunderstand it. Lick every microscopic organism out of the blinded container that is your mind and feel the flavor crawl down your being and surge back into its rightful home… but never try to understand. This is a feeling that exists so purely on the compounds of your youthful emotions and if handled like the delicate and powerful entity that it is, consider your world without borders.



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